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Homer's Odyssey, plot, story structure

Odysseus is prisoner to a mighty goddess. All he wants is to escape Kalypso’s island & return to Ithaca. Poseidon, god of the Sea, is still mad at the Hero, while Athena, daughter of Zeus, roots for her protégé.

Meanwhile, wife Penelope and son Telemachus are facing hard times back home…


Homer's Odyssey - Gods, Heroes

Odysseus’ dad was a famous Mariner himself. He’d sailed to the Black Sea on the ship Argo to get the Golden Fleece.

The gods are ever-present, even when they’re absent. The dead are images of the past and of what is considered “deathly” in the Homeric worldview.

Names tell a lot about Characters’ mentality & ethics.


Homer's Odyssey, Analysis

Magnificent poetry, artful story telling: they’re not works of magic. They are genious strokes of an intelligent, intentional design at work. Yet, somehow, it all starts with baby steps

We will see how Homer weaved his wonderful web of words; we’ll turn the Odyssey into well-mapped territory, simple to navigate. We’ll notice subtle nuances; we’ll be able to pick up on & to discuss themes of perpetual human interest.


Ancient Greece, Bronze Age civilization

Men yoke horses, build ships, run athletic contests, undertake missions, slaughter & sacrifice to their gods. Women weave, raise kids, do chores, supervise household & estate, pray to their gods.

They lived 3.2k years ago in a structured, though “primitive” society –the Greek Bronze Age.


Homer - web, guide

Listen! Discussion is hot on The Odyssey, rivers of ink are being poured over the epic, games & media are being created, and you’re my friend, and I’m a voracious Collector. A real hoarder, and I organized it here for you.

By examining Homer’s story under many different angles, you’ll get more adept at making connections, at visualizing aspects of the song, at picking details to support your arguments.


Homer's Odyssey - teacher, classroom, resources

It doesn’t matter how brilliant the book is: you need to create a meaningful learning experience that’ll engage your students, eliminate the confusion, and make the Odyssey fun and relatable.

You can’t teach what you don’t know in depth –having a good grasp of the epic is fundamental. Moreover, you need to trust your teaching tools for accuracy and cohesion, without sacrificing diversity in the process.


The tender, brave story of love, family, and a home.

A journey to peace, at long last!


A multi-layered masterpiece of supreme craftsmanship

Re-created for 21st century audiences